NEW: Matthew Dickman's Poetry Workshop: A to Z in Five Days | Feb 25 - Apr 1 FULL - WAIT LIST ONLY

"..her [Sylvia Plath's] attitude to her verse was artisanlike: if she couldn't get a table out of the material, she was quite happy to get a chair, or even a toy. The end product for her was not so much a successful poem, as something that had temporarily exhausted her ingenuity." ~ Ted Hughes

In this workshop we are experimenting with time, expectation, and ego. We will begin by writing a new poem in class on the first day, then follow that poem through the revision process, workshopping, and wondering, in our consecutive meetings and end with a "finished" poem. What would it mean if we didn't wait for the muse to find us? What would it mean if we didn't put so much pressure on ourselves as writers? What can we make if we don't expect to make something perfect? Join me in this exciting workshop and let's find out! Maximum 12 students

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Saturdays 10am - 12pm, Feb 25, Mar 11, 18, 25, Apr 1 | 5 weeks
Attic Institute of Arts and Letters, 4232 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
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Early Registration and Tuition Deadline is seven (7) days prior to the start of the workshop. | Early Registration: $207 (cash/check); $214 (Paypal). | Late Registration: $222 (cash/check); $229 (PayPal).